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Blender is free and open-source software.

I like animating on the computer

I've been messing around with computer animation tools for many years. Some graphics applications are very good for creating animation, even software available to average consumers. Some kinds of animation software are so simple and limited that they're hard to use for anything more than a short loop or single sequence.

Other programs like TVPaint Animation or Adobe Animate (Flash) are very powerful but expensive and difficult to master. It's worth it to learn them if you want to have their tools at your disposal.

Blender is free software, which is amazing by itself. So many creative applications are switching to subscription pricing, what a relief to have a really powerful program you don't have to worry about paying for. But the real value is the user community. Tons of tutorials, add-ons, scripts, materials… Lots of resources for training at generally low cost, if not freely given away.

Blender is pretty good for some kinds of hand-drawn animation

You can combine 2D and 3D for fun effects




Ian Worthington is probably the best Blender animator alive right now.

Toniko Pantoja

2D animator Toniko Pantoja shows some 2.5D hybrid stuff with Blender.