free and open-source software

I'm not 100% dedicated to free software, but I do appreciate it being around.

it will probably be around a while
contribution to the code and help learning how to use it
small/indie users can make stuff without paying $$$
make it yours


GNU Emacs

I started learning Emacs about 10 years ago in order to learn org-mode, and have fallen in love with the whole way of doing things. GNU Emacs is free and open-source software, and has been used longer than I've been alive. So many other applications I used to rely on have converted to a subscription model instead of a perpetual license, but Emacs will be free forever.

How to embed handwritten content in your org-roam site

(Transcript > How to Include Handwritten Content in org-roam)

  • The app: Stylus Labs Write - works cross-platform (iOS/Win/Mac/Android/Linux) - not free and open-source software but still good - works natively with SVG files - allows working directly on remote files under iOS - insert space, go back and add to the file - revise without having to export to an image or PDF to render the content in the browser