Once you learn org-mode, you may never want to use anything else again.

In its simplest form, org is a plaintext markup system for document formatting. In its highest expression, org is a universal format for thinking, writing, planning, and publishing.

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GNU Emacs

I started learning Emacs about 10 years ago in order to learn org-mode, and have fallen in love with the whole way of doing things. GNU Emacs is free and open-source software, and has been used longer than I've been alive. So many other applications I used to rely on have converted to a subscription model instead of a perpetual license, but Emacs will be free forever.

GNU Emacs


The best thing about emacs.


Implementation of the personal wiki site Roam Research using GNU Emacs and org-mode.


(About this site)

This site is created using GNU Emacs and org-mode (specifically org-roam). There are also handwritten notes created with Stylus Labs Write.