The illusion of having a life.


overlapping action

One of the twelve principles of Animation.


One of the twelve principles of Animation.


One of the twelve principles of Animation.



How to make puppets in Blender

(Puppetry vs. Animation)

Puppetry Animation   ------------------------------------–—+-----------------------------------------   - portraying character through movement - portraying character through movement   - "realtime" performance - gradually composed performance   - high fidelity, low precision* - high precision, low fidelity* Puppetry has certain advantages over animation. A very simple puppet can feel more alive than a super-complex animated character (in 2D or 3D). crow.jpg Fig. 1: Mister Personality \* what do I mean by "fidelity" – how closely it gets at the "truth" of the movement. It's abstract. There are subtle movements that we do with our bodies that are just too miniscule to be practical to animate, but they're the vital quality of seeing a real, living being. There's a lot of noise in our natural movements, and animation (especially computer animation), is optimized around getting rid of most of that noise and doing everything in clean curves and arcs. - for example, look at this brief clip of mouth movement done with the mouse: The curves for that action look like this: curve-capture.png