She may be 30,000 years old, but Venus® is more fun than ever!
Hunting, gathering, or just relaxing next to the fire with Brad.® * The
complete Venus® Dream Hut® playset comes with a REAL Aurignacian
Hide Scraper, Mammoth Ivory Atlatl** and Scallop Shell Compact!
Just add your own red ochre or crushed beetles. Girls of all ages love
to dress her in fashion pelts and style her hairlike stone head nubs.
Enjoy all the glamour of the Pleistocene epoch­—today!

*Brad® sold separately.
**Atlatl not for use by children under 3.

Parents Cautioned on New Cronenberg “Sesame Street”

May 29, 2018. A family-friendly movie review site is cautioning parents about last Friday’s release of the new “Sesame Street” movie. The beloved series from the Children’s Television Workshop was given a big-screen greenlight last year, but producers sought out a refreshed vision for contemporary, global audiences. After negotiations with Lars von Trier fell reportedly through, Canadian director David Cronenberg was selected.

Box office performance has been strong so far, but Wendy “Pam” Dorset of the family film review site is concerned that Cronenberg’s grotesque, chaotic body horror might be too cinematically advanced for younger children.

“We’re hearing kids ask, ‘Mommy, why is Grover’s face melting off into a puddle of acid?'” Dorset said. “That’s just a very adult kind of question, and some children shouldn’t be exposed to indie-thrillers with such moody, erotic undertones.” She added, “Let kids stay kids, for Heaven’s sake. They don’t even need to know what happens to Maria.”

Eagle Shirts, Reviewed

Patriotic Eagles

Description: A five-pointed star with American flag motif is centrally positioned over three large bald eagle heads. A smaller eagle flies just below. The large eagle heads are superimposed over a circle with stars-and-stripes motif, which covers an undetermined number of other eagles. This composite is overlaid onto an image of the United States flag, which is in space or against a cloudy night sky. It is also possible to make out another five-pointed star in the mid-background, which is itself adorned with five-pointed stars.

Number of Eagles: Undetermined, minimum of 6.

Clarity of Messaging: Stalwart and patriotic, if somewhat disorganized. There is a lack of apparent leadership, as each eagle is looking or flying in a different direction. This shirt is as much about stars as it is about eagles.

Overall Rating: ★★★

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